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Young Home Inspections has been providing quality specialized inspections for over 30 years. We provide superior Mold Inspections, Termite Inspections as well as inspections for other Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO). Do not trust your largest investment to just anyone. Make sure your inspector is properly licensed and insured. You can trust our highly-trained, certified and insured experts will provide high-quality reports and the greatest expertise.

Termite/ WDO Inspection

Many people shopping for homes are concerned about the overall condition of a home. Here in Florida termites are a constant threat and worry prospective home buyers. To relieve the doubt and worry of not knowing about structure damaging pest infestations, a termite or wood-destroying organisms (WDO) inspection report can be obtained. This is a required inspection for all VA and some FHA loans.

A WDO inspection report informs a prospective home buyer if a home:

  • Has living termites or wood destroying organisms currently present
  • Has evidence of an infestation of wood destroying organisms
  • Has damage from wood destroying organisms
  • Has been previously treated for wood destroying organisms

In the report, the inspector is required to identify all WDOs by their common name as well as give the exact location of the evidence supporting their discovery. If for any reason an area(s) was not accessible at the time of inspection, the reason and location of the area(s) that were not accessible must also be stated in the termite inspection report.

Often times, a potential home buyer will see or hear the word “clear” used in or about a WDO report. This “clear” report basically states that there was no evidence of wood destroying organisms and no visible damage caused by them of any area(s) accessible when the building was inspected.

It is extremely important to note that even with a “clear” termite inspection report, it is not impossible for there to be wood destroying organisms present or damage by such organisms behind walls and other places unavailable to view.

A home buyer that is interested in purchasing a home should also get as much information and history possible about any previous WDO inspections and any previous termite treatments or contracts about a residence they wish to purchase. Once previous termite inspections or treatment history are obtained they should be thoroughly reviewed. A thorough review will likely provide a better determination if the home has been adequately protected for termite and other wood destroying organisms. This will give the prospective buyer the best possible outlook on the home in question.

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Mold Inspection

Florida might be a tropical paradise, but it is also an extremely humid place to live. Because of this, mold is very common problem in the Sunshine State. Although all types of mold are unpleasant looking in a home, certain types of mold can make people very ill. This is especially true if you have an allergy to mold. This is why people are often concerned about the presence of mold in their home. If a homeowner wants to be relatively certain there is or is not mold present in their home they can get a Mold Inspection.

A Mold Inspection consists of testing both the air and surfaces for the presence of mold spores. Samples are taken from both inside the home in areas suspected to contain mold as well as outside the home to determine if the mold is in fact coming from the inside of the home and hasn’t simply just traveled there from the outside.

Samples are collected through various methods and then are sent to a lab for a comprehensive analysis. The sample collection methods range from swabbing a surface to collecting air through filters using vacuums.

Areas around your home will be careful assessed and sampled. These include your carpets if applicable, various hard and porous surfaces, and the air in common areas as well as behind walls where mold can go undetected for long periods of time. There are many reasons why mold grows and can go for great lengths of time undetected behind walls and other areas hidden from plain view. These areas of mold are often a result of water damage or leaks. This is why it is important to obtain a Mold Inspection at the first suspicion that there may be a mold issue.

Because of the nature of mold growing in high moisture areas, this makes kitchens, bathrooms, as well as areas next to them prime targets for mold damage. As was mentioned previously mold tends to grow silently and out of sight for great lengths of time. This is why it is recommended to always obtain a Mold Inspection when having other types of home inspections such as a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection or a Pre-Sale Home Inspection.

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