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Our report is unique from others in the home inspection arena. If you were to contemplate the purchase of a used car, you might take it to your auto mechanic and ask that he “put it through a 65 point check” – assessing the basics of the car. Our home inspection service takes a similar approach. Having been in the home inspection business since 1989, we know the problems that homes can develop – we specialize in identifying them. As such, we put homes through a “320 point check”. This forces us as inspectors to evaluate each and every system and component available in a home within the scope of our inspection. As such, our report is basically a punch list designed for existing homes. Our reports are always:


We have custom designed a template for our inspections that is both very comprehensive and very easy to read for our clients. With separate sections covering all components of the home, our reports will give you a clear picture of the condition of the home you are buying. All reports include digital photos and videos to back up and show you exactly what we are taking about and where you can find it.

You will also have a “Summary Page” summing up the most important deficiencies that we find wrong and that need immediate attention. And we have included a “Systems Nearing End of Life Page” that will forewarn you about impending upgrades you will need to make to the major components of the home to include the Roof, Plumbing, HVAC, Electric & Water Heater, in the near future!

We think you will love our reports and have no trouble at all navigating them so that you have a full understanding of the home you are intending to purchase and enable yourself to make an informed decision on if this is the home to invest in or not? Is this house going to become your HOME! After all it is probably the single most expensive decision you will make in a lifetime! You want to make sure to do your due diligence in making that very important decision for yourself and your family.

Please call or email the office for a Sample Report! We will send one designed for the type of home you are buying be it Single Family, Villa, Townhome, Condominium, or Manufactured!

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Want to know the truth before you close? We are an impartial inspection company.

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Young Home Inspections is a premier inspection company that has been in business and providing the highest quality inspections for over 30 years. Our inspection team is licensed & insured to perform inspections for residential, commercial, insurance, mold, and more.

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